I'm a vegetarian - can I eat like a bugatarian?

Yes or No. It depends on your beliefs. Farms that we work with raise and produce insects for human consumption with high ethical standards. They use a slow freezing method, which essentially puts the bugs to sleep, so they do not suffer. Insects also have such low environmental impact that many vegetarians are open to eating bugs.

I love meat, are you saying I should stop eating meat?

No! Well, only if you want to. Bugatarians are not limited to only eating bugs.

Is it safe? Aren't bugs dirty?

Poisonous bugs are not safe by any circumstances. However there are 1500 species of bugs that have been given the green light for being safe to eat! The insect flour we have purchased come from bug farms where bugs are safely grown and manufactured. These bugs have been raised in sterile conditions and have not been in the areas of contamination from insecticides. Entomo farms raise the crickets in a “free range” environment and only harvest the crickets at the end of their lifecycle ~6 weeks.

Where do you source your insects?

We source insects from a variety of companies and always order online. Our cricket flour has been sourced from JR Unique foods, Mercado Mio, Chapul and Entomo Farms. Recently, we tried meal worm flour and buffalo worm flour from Kreca Ento-Food, a Amsterdam based company.

What makes bugs nutritious?

Because of the reputation bugs carry, many would be against welcoming them into their diets. However, bugs are densely packed with nutrients, a 3.5 ounce serving of crickets contains about 20g of protein. Additionally, bugs are highly fibrous and are full of healthy unsaturated fats – keeping cholesterol levels down. Nutrients can differ depending on the species of bug, however, the protein levels between the most popular bugs, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets and meal worms are negligible. When comparing lean ground beef with grasshoppers, grasshoppers have about the same amount of protein but are still less in fat. Entomophagy would be a very safe and healthy option for those watching cholesterol or monitoring their saturated fat intake.

Where can I try some bug snacks?

Surprise! There are a handful of restaurants in NYC that serve bug dishes. Some crowd favorites would be the grasshopper tacos at Toloache or the ant dishes at Black Ant. If you’re not in NYC, you can do what we did, which was order some cricket flour and start baking! See our recipes for how we used the insect flour to make our dishes healthier.

Could I be allergic?

Many bugs such as crickets, grasshoppers and beetles are considered arthropods just like shrimp or crab. They all have exoskeletons and segmented bodies, putting them in the crustacean category. Therefore, if you have a shellfish allergy, you should not try any insects. While meal worms and buffalo worms do not have exoskeletons, these bugs are still considered arthropods and should also be avoided.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.