About Us

a person who eats bugs to shape the future of global health and environmental sustainability

Who We Are

Bugatarian is a food company inventing the next generation of food.

Motivated by nutritional values and social impact, we bring forth an approachable way to eat bugs.

Our Mission

We are creating a new market of food by showing you how to eat like a Bugatarian.

Join us as we change the future of healthy eating, environmental sustainability, and global nourishment.

Our Team


Nancy Chen

Charlotte Wei

Nancy’s Story

I started eating bugs over a year ago. In my never-ending quest for health, wellness, and fitness improvements, I came across the fascinating topic of entomophagy (the practice of eating insects). After more digging, I became so impressed by the untapped nutritional and environmental benefits of bugs that I needed to try it firsthand.

Like most of my missions, I started my search on Amazon and bought a small bag of cricket flour from a reputable source.  I added cricket flour to my daily morning green smoothie and patted myself on the back for discovering a healthier protein powder alternative.

Then I wondered – where else can I use insect flour as a substitute? The texture was like any other fine flour, but with the bonus of being low carb whilst high in protein, fiber, and nutrients. Dissatisfied by the lack of bug recipes and information online, off I went to experiment on my own with insect pizza crusts, fritters, cookies, and more!

Which is how and why Bugatarian was born.  The Bugatarian serves as a platform where we can spread the benefits of incorporating bugs into our diets and provide easy ways for you to become a bugatarian yourself!

Nancy Chen
Founder, Bugatarian Inc.

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