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Chapul Cricket Protein Bars Review

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When it comes to the ento-sphere, there are a few major players you may have heard about through friends, Shark Tank, or social media. Chapul is likely one of those big bug names! Pat Crowley, the Founder of Chapul, has been a pioneer of the movement since 2012.  As a nature-lover and adventure seeker, Pat began Chapul to re-introduce crickets into the American diet to help reduce water waste that is especially prevalent in livestock farming. I love Pat’s story and mission, and think we can all do something to help preserve the great outdoors. Therefore, I bought a sampler pack of the Chapul cricket protein bars which is geared towards people who need sustainable sustenance on the go. All four flavors are tasty and have 10-11 grams of protein per bar, are between 180-210 calories, and contain 9 grams of sugar. That puts them on par nutritionally with other popular protein bars like RX bars. I appreciate their use of coconut nectar and dates over cane sugar as the source of sweetness, as well as the prominence of cricket protein. They are not hiding the cricket but instead highlighting all their  goodness with complimentary flavor profiles. Naturally, I had my favorites of the sampler pack, so let’s delve deeper:

Flavors Ranked

4. Matcha Tea & Banana

Matcha is the new kale these days and seems to be popping up in all of my drinks, cakes, and ice cream. Although, I’m not complaining! I am a huge fan of matcha for its amazing properties and sweet yet bitter taste. However, I tasted way more banana than matcha in this bar, which is why I pushed this flavor down on my list. Texture-wise, the protein crisps and seeds give a great crunch.

3. Dark Chocolate and Coffee

At the initial first bite, I was taken aback by the heat from the chili. As I kept eating (I’m not a quitter), it grew on me more and more. I’m impressed by the chili and coffee notes of this one – it felt sophisticated.

2. Coconut Ginger Lime

This is one of most interesting flavors of the bunch. I personally love coconut and ginger, so it ranked high on my list. The coconut flakes are abundant throughout the bar and add a fantastic crunch and bite. You definitely get a pleasant heat from the ginger as well. This bar’s flavor combination reminds me of a tropical paradise.

1. Peanut Butter & Chocolate

Winner winner cricket dinner! This was my absolute favorite. Maybe I’m partial to peanut butter and chocolate, but who isn’t? Chapul nailed this one. I felt like I was eating a sweet dessert, which is a rarity with health bars most of the time.


Overall, I’m a fan of Chapul’s cricket bars for a few reasons: their attention towards nutrition and authenticity, innovative flavors, texture, and taste. At $12.95 for a pack of four, they are on the higher end of the price scale, but that is to be expected for new market gourmet items. They are ideal for busy, beginner bugatarians!

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